How to integrate Unbounce with Interspire Email Marketer

Unbounce is a landing building software. You can automatically move contacts from Unbounce into Interspire Email Marketer. We have two options:

In this article we will explain second option “Custom Unbounce Integration”. For using those options we need to deploy script provided by Edit and Send and configure come parameters at Unbounce.

Once you have finished your landing page in Unbounce, you have to configure Webhoocks. A webhook is the way that Unbounce use to notify Interspire there is a new contact. Go to “All Pages” and select the landing you would like to link.

On the new window, scroll down and select “Webhook”.

The first parameter you have to configure is the URL where the PHP script is going to be hosted.

After that select “Configure Fields Mapping” in order to link form links from Unbounce into Interspire custom fields. For example, in Unbounce we use a custom field called ‘Name” to store first name of the lead. We must create a matching with the custom filed “Name” on Interspire. To avoid conflicts instead of using the new of the field on Interspire we use the id of the field. In our case is “2” (we can now the field ID by editing the custom field on Interspire and obtaining that value on the URL). To set the “2” value into Unbounce we use the drop down menu and “(+) add new field” and insert number 2.

Something similar we have to do it in order to define the list we are going to use to store leads, we have to “Add another custom field” and here we place the Interspire list id. On the right menu we have to select (+) add new field and place the literal “list”.

Next step will be deploying script to process incoming lead from Webhook. Before deploy script you have to customize some parameters to define where is located your Interspire account and the credential to use.

Add your credential to variables:



$ch = curl_init(‘’);

If you would like to allow that Unbounce can update custom fields information, you need to copy a new API function into “admin/functions/api/subscribers.php. Go to the end of the file and add “SaveSubscriberMultipleCustomField”. That will allow modifying all customs fields on a single API call.

Right now you have linked Unbounce with Interspire. If you are not a tech guy and prefer a nice interface to configure integration you can use our Zapier Addon. We recommend use script if you receive a large amount of leads or you need full control over the code. Zapier works nice but it can be expensive for large volume integrations.

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