How to use cache segments for Interspire Email Marketer

Interspire Email Marketer has a segment tool; it allows you to create specific segments for your list/s. For example we can select several lists and create a segment of the customers that only have open an specific campaign or have selected a specific link.

Each time we access the segments page, all the segments are recalculated. That is good because we can know the exact number of users at that time, but is has a counterpart and each time we recalculate the segment there is a waiting time until we see the results. For small Interspire data base that is not a great deal because recalculate segments can take only a couple of seconds, but for larger list that time can be of several minutes or it can produce a time out.

In order to solve that problem we have created a cache system that allow keeping a custom cache, each time we access the segment page the number of users for each segment is displayed immediately it doesn’t matter if the queries are complex or the data base is huge.

There are some cases despite you can use cache you want to see real time information, in those rare cases you can select “refresh cache” in order to recalculate segments on real time.

In order to configure cache time, we must select “Settings/Application settings” and select the desire time cache at “Cache segments subscriber count”.

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