Webhook addon for Interspire email marketer

Webhook addon sends information about unsubscribe, email opens or link clicks to other software based on webhooks. When can use that addon for building Zapier applications or integrate with any software.

We deploy software as any other addon by copying script into "/admin/addons/" directory. After activating addon go to "Tools/Webhooks" to access menu and configure which action you want to capture. Trigger actions are:

  • Mail open
  • Mail clicks
  • Unsubscribe email
  • Unsubscribe SMS

To add a new webhook follow those steps.

Select "create new webhook" button. On new scree you can add a name to current webhook. On the "URL" filed put where information of the webhook must be send. We will provide and example script that convert incoming information into a CSV file.

System also allows selecting which lists are going to trigger webhooks. That is useful if you want deeper control about actions. On the last step you can select which action can trigger Webhook (unsubscription, links click or mail open).

You can create as many webhooks as you want. If you want to edit some parameters just select "edit" on the right menu.

Webhook send information via POST to defined URL. Information is coded on Json format in order to be easily processed. Fields sent are:

  • ListID
  • UserID
  • Custom fields
  • Status
  • SMS status
  • Time stamp

Example content:

email: antonio@gmail.com

customfields: [{"fieldid":"19","data":"Thunderbird","fieldtype":"dropdown","fieldname":"Email Client"},{"fieldid":"20","data":"Personal computer","fieldtype":"dropdown","fieldname":"Device"},{"fieldid":"21","data":"Baja","fieldtype":"radiobutton","fieldname":"SMS Estado}…]

subscriberid: 878735

eventtime: 1469609575

listid: 256

action: unsubscribe

status: Activo 


As a complement of the addon we have developed a script that can convert webhook post into a CSV file for old legacy systems.

Webhook addon can work with our Zapier addon to convert user’s actions into Zaps and transfer user’s action to any system compatible with Zapier.

Despite being an addon, some core files need to be modified. We attach a change log file in order to apply changes to core files.






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