How to use Zapier and Interspire Email Marketer

Interspire email Marketers is one of the best email applications you can install and manage in your own server. One of its weak points is the lack of integration with third party software; at that point Zapier can help to solve that limitation.

Zapier is a third party software that help connecting different application thought a graphic interface without writing a single line of code.

On the following example you will see how to connect leads generated from Wufoo form into Interspire. The same process works with more than 500 applications that already use Zapier.

The workflow we use is:

Steps to follow:

  • Log in into your Zapier account.
  • Request access to our Zapier application or look for  “Interspire Email Marketer contacts management”. That application works under invitation. If you don’t have access contact  
  • Select the application that will generate leads. In our case we use Wufoo forms but we can use any application.

Interspire use email as a mandatory field, but any other fields can be optative. Bear I mind that fields type must be compatible between applications. For example if we define phone number as text on Wufoo we must define the same field as text on Interspire, otherwise we will be unable to store date.

Following the example we have defined the following fields on Wufoo:

Name: As text field

Surname: As text field

Email: As text field


  • Create a new Zap, selecting the top right button “Make Zap”

After that we have to select the application we would like to initiate the process, in our case we select Wufoo application.

  • Select the specific action that launch the trigger, in our case filling a form, and select continue.

  • We have to connect our Wufoo account to Zapier, for that porpoise we must provide application credential.

 After completing we can test connection to be sure we have introduced the right credential. 


  • Select the desired form using drop down menu.

  • Test the correct configuration of the system.

Next step is selecting the action we would like to perform. In our case we want to copy the leads from the first step into Interspire. Using the “plus” symbol we have to add the Zap for Interspire and follow the wizard as well.



  • We have to introduce our credential to connect to Interspire

User the user name of your, Interpire user, the token, the URL to the application without "/" at the end, and the URL of your activation file. This is a txt file that you must place at your Interspire installation. Contact us in order to obtain file.

We need the URL of your Interspire installation in order to generate the file.




  • Select the list where we want to store leads at Interspire. We have to use "List ID" drop down menu. After selecting the list we will see the fields from the Interspire list we have to relate with previous Wufoo form. In our example we have linked “Custom field List 1” from Interspire to “Apellido” and “Custom Field List 1.1” to name. Bear in mind that data fields must use the same type.



  • Test connection by sending some data

At that point we have already connected both applications, Wufoo as trigger application that send new leads to Interspire or update current ones.

In order to update several custom fields you have to add a new function to subscribers API. Go to/admin/functions/api/subscriber.php, add the following code, around line 931 just after a function close.

     * Save Subscriber CustomFields
     * Saves custom fields information for a particular subscriber, particular list and particular field.
     * NOTE:
     * - Any old custom field data will be deleted.
     * - NULL data values will not be saved to the database.
     * @param array|integer $subscriberids ID of the subscribers whose data need to be updated.
     * @param fields, array with ('fieldid' and 'data')
         *      'fieldid' integer $fieldid The ID of Custom field you are saving for.
     *      'data' The actual custom field data. If this is an array, it will be serialized up before saving.
     * @return boolean Returns TRUE if successful, FALSE otherwise.
        function SaveSubscriberMultipleCustomField($subscriberids, $fields='')
            if (!is_array($fields)) {
                return array(false, 'Invalid data, you must provide a "fields" information');

            if (count($fields['fieldid']) != count($fields['data'])) {
                return array(false, 'You must provide a "fieldid" for each "data"');
            if (!is_array($fields['fieldid'])){
                $fields['fieldid'] = array($fields['fieldid']);
                $fields['data'] = array($fields['data']);
            $success = true;
            foreach ($fields['fieldid'] as $i => $field) {
                $fieldid = $field;
                $data = $fields['data'][$i];
                $result = $this->SaveSubscriberCustomField($subscriberids, $fieldid, $data);
                $success = ($success && $result);
            return $success;

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