Configure Google Analytics addon for Interspire

Google Analytics is the tool that allows traking your Web users. Addon integrates Interspire stats report with Google analytics.

How the Google Analytics tracking my newsletters

Each time you send a campaign, you can decide tracking your email marketing campaigns with Google Analytics, you just need selecting "check-box" on the last step of the sending process.


To see Google reports on Interspire you have to go to "My Account" and complete addon form with Google credentials.

Once in "My Account" scroll to the bottom of the screen and complete the details of your Google Analytics account. To ensure everything is fine, perform a test.


Since June, using OAuth for loging into Google tools is mandatory. We have attached a manual explaining how to obtain those credentials (google analytics email account and p12 cerdenetisla file).

Now we need the "profile ID" from Google Analytics. Open your Google Analytics account, you must navigate to the "View" tab and select "View Settings" for the profile you want to integrate.

Select it and you will see the "View ID" corresponding to the "profile number" (picture above). copy that information into the addon form to perform the connection test.



Now your email marketing campaigns stats reports and your Google Analytics profile they are linked to exgange information.

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