New Google Analytics reports

Default Interspire allows you to track email marketing links inside Google Analitics, that’s great because you can track email marketing campaigns performance. You can know navigation depth, conversions per email channels…

The main problem is that all information remains on Google Analytics, and you have to create custom reports to see it.

What we have done is creating a custom development extracting that information and presenting it on your Interpires Email Marketing stats. With that addon, you can see on single place your campaign performance and which device email users’ manage once they click a link and reached you site.


Performance campaign report



User’s interaction report

In order to obtain the above repots you need:

  • Install Interspire email mareketer Google Analytics Addon
  • Obtain Google credentials and complete configuration

If you already have the addon, check “how to configure Interspire email marketer Google Analytics addon”.

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