Interspire Email Marketer Addon configuration

Before start your mailing campaigns you need to configure properly your Interspire SMS addon.

After adding the files of the plugin into your installation, you need to activate it and define some settings. Using the top right menu, go to "Settings/Addon-settings".


On the addon setting you will see all avaliable plugins. Go to "SMS support" and enable the plugin by selectin the red cross on the "Installed?" column. After that select "Configure" on the right link.

You must complete the following fileds with the information provided by Clickatell

* Clickatell API ID: API ID provided for your clickatell account
* Clickatell API email:
* Clickatell Username: Provided during Clickatell resgitration process
* Clickatell Password: Provided during Clickatell resgitration process
* Clickatell SMS source number: Define your source source number

* Email Marketer ID: will be provided for by use, is unique for each customer. Open a ticket and ask for yours. That information is necessary for tracking sms campaigns delivery and open.

* SMS Allowed Characters: 160 (this is de default value allowed by the sms message size).

In the Google URL Shortened  section you have to define the API key used to shortener URL. You can use your own Google shoertener API key or use ours.


Reserved link length: 20

This is the size of the links after being shortened by Google, it doesn't matter how long is your link, always will use 20 characters.

Below that, you will find "SMS none-defined detection". That information should be provided by use, so open  a ticket requesting the "Callback URL" it is use for sms tracking porpoise.

Callback timeout minutes: 900

This is the number of minutes util a message is marked as "undeliverable" since you send it.

We recommend you perform an API check before sending the campaign to be sure everything is working properly.







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