Interspire Email Marketer Backup Addon

Interspire Email Marketer backup

In that document we will explain how to install and use Interspire Email Marketer backup addon.

The goal of that addon is creating, keeping and restoring backups of your Interspire application. We create a backup for:

  • Data base
  • File system

Our addon allows creating a backup or restoring application files whenever you want.

You can also limit the access to that functionality using the Interspire “Access Group Details” control panel.


How to install the backup

Once you have purchased the backup addon you will receive a ZIP file. Decompress its contents. You will find:

  • “backup” directory (contain all addon files)
  • php file

Copy the complete directory “backup” into the addons directory of your application. It should be located at: your_aplication_name/admin/addons if you are using Linux it should be something similar to:


Be sure the directory has the same permissions as any other addon.

Copy the file plm.php into the root ouf your application directory. If you are using Linux it should be: /home/account_name/public_html/your_aplication_name/




How to activate the plugin

Once the plugin has been installed in your server, you need to activate it. Go to the top right menu and select “Settings/Addons Settings”.

It will display a menu for the current plugins. Look for the one called “Backup system”.

Click on the red cross “Installed?” and if it installs properly, enable the addon by selecting the red cross “Enabled?”. If anything goes wrong you will see an error message. Send it to an soon we will contact you.

After that, you have to define the configuration settings.

You have to define the folder where the backups should be stored. That directory should be in the same server you have installed the application. If you need more sophisticated solution to store your backup’s contacts and we can provide customized solutions to cover your needs.

Target folder to store backups” must have a different path from your Interspire application. It can be located at any place in your server. If you are using a public directory bear in mind that you should protect it to avoid unauthorized access.

Backup caducity” will be the number of days your backups will be store in your server. After that period old backups will be deleted.

There is a third option “Password to protect the downloaded zip file” That allow using a password to the zipped files to provide extra security. Before uncompressing the backup you must insert the password.

That option requires having installed the “ZIP” command in your server. If you see “zips command not available” you must install the command by using “apt-get install zip” or talk to your system administration to provide the service.

Using “ZIP command” is not mandatory but we recommend it.

The plugin also allow defining which users can create or restore backups within Interspire application. You can define those features at “Users & Groups/ View User Group”.


Select the any group to grant access to backup functionalities and look for “Backup” settings on “Group Permission”. Select the check boxes according your needs.

How to create a backup

If you have reached that point. Your backup addon is ready for using it. To create a backup go to “Tools/Backups” and select the button “Create a Backup”. That action will create a backup, depending on the application database and file system size it can take a while. Be patient.

After backup completion, you will see the backup files on the view. On the right menu you will see 2 possible actions “Download” and “Restore”.

If you select “Download” you will download a full backup of your application to your computer. That backup contains all files and DB of your application. Bear in mind to use the password defined on settings to uncompressing the backup content.

You can also select “Restore” to recover all your application files and database to an specific backup



Backup automation

The plugin allow automating backups, instead to create the backup manually like in the above section, we must go to “Settings/Cron Settings”.

It will open the view for all application crons. Select the range between backups as you desire using the drop down list.

If you cannot see the “Backup” cron, be sure you have “enables” the addon.


Custom solutions

The above features are the default ones provided by the plugin. If you need addition functionalities contact us at and we will review you needs.

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