Interspire Email Marketer SMS addon user's manual

In the following document we are going to explain how to use the Interspire Email Marketer SMS addon in order to send SMS campaigns.

We have tried to keep the SMS functionality as simple as possible, for that reason sending a SMS campaign or an email one is very similar.

Before sending your first SMS campaign you must:

How to create a SMS campaign

After that initial checking, creating a campaign is really simple. Log in with a user that has SMS credits. Go to “Email Campaigns/Create an Email Campaign” in the drop down menu, be sure you select SMS. Then you have to introduce the “Campaign name”.

In the next step, you will see a form with all the necessary details form creating the SMS.

SMS Title: is the name that is displayed in the campaign view. It has the prefix “SMS –“ to distinguish campaign sources.

Text content: Here you can insert the text that will be sending on SMS campaigns. Be aware that SMS only can send 160 characters. We have created a counter to notify when this amount is exceeded. Also we can insert custom fields, or any kind of link.

In order to optimizing the space we use a link shortener service provided by Google. (default credentials are used in the setting; if you want you can use your own google account).

Be aware that we cannot control the size of custom fields. If you don’t want to exceed the 160 maximum characters you must limit the size of your custom fields.

As email campaigns, before sending the campaign we recommend sending a preview to your mobile device. You only have to introduce an international cell phone number in the “Send SMS to” and select “Preview your SMS campaign”.

Bear in mind that “Send SMS from” must be defined in the SMS Gateway


How to load SMS contacts

Before sending mass SMS campaigns we have to introduce the mobile phone numbers in the platform and his status. For that porpoise we have to create the following custom fields:

  • Cell_Phone (only numbers field)
  • Cell_Phone_Status (Radio buttons)
  • Cell_Phone_Confirmation (Radio buttons)

On new installations all those values are already configured. For updated installation create the fields. Be aware that those fields must be created with and admin profile user.

Cell_Phone: That field contains the international cell phone number. The field has only numbers.

Cell_Phone_Status: Is a radio button field with two values: Active| Inactive

Cell_Phone_Confirmation: Is a radio button field with two values: Confirmed| Unconfirmed

With all that fields created you can create a list and import contacts. Be aware that for importing contacts you need an email. Based on that you can use an email list to send email or SMS. Contacts confirmation and unsubscription is managed independently for each channel.

You can use segments to create an easy way to view active SMS users. This is not mandatory but is a good practice.

Sending an SMS campaign

Now you are ready to send your first SMS campaign using Interspire SMS plugin. It works in the same way as email campaigns. Go to “Email Campaigns\Send an Email Campaigns”. Select “send” and follow the wizard. You can schedule the campaign or send it now.

Understanding the Stats

Our SMS plugin, allow to track SMS delivery, link clicks or unsubscriptions. The main difference between email or SMS campaign is that we can track 100% of deliveries.

Link tracking it works in the same way as Interspire, we use a redirect in order to know who has selected a link.

For SMS bounces, we use the messages provided by the SMS gateway. If there has been any trouble during message delivery we can notice. After 24 hours of retries if the message cannot be delivered, then is market as bounce. The retry period can be defined on the settings panel.

SMS stats are displayed in the same way as email stats.

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