How to setup Clickatell account for use on Interspire SMS plugin

In order to use Interspire Email Marketer SMS plugin you need a SMS Gateway. We have chosen Clickatell as SMS provider due to his stable platform with worldwide coverage.

In this document you will learn:

  • How to create a Clickatell account.
  • How to insert the SMS Gateway parameters into Interspire SMS plugin
  • How to test the system

You can create a free account here

Select “Developers Central”. That will allow using the API to send SMS using Interspire.



Select the country “Where would you like to send messages to?” and complete the form. That will create a free account into Clickatell platform.

You will receive a mail with the login information. It will contain something like:

Welcome to Clickatell! Thanks for completing the registration process.

These are the details you have registered:

Client ID: PAXXX
Username: yourusername
Password: yourpassword

Username and password will be used on Interspire SMS configuration settings in addition with API settings. Store that information because it will be used to access Clickatell platform to purchase new credits for SMS campaigns.

Use the above credentials to login into the platform and select “Get another API”.


Then you have to select the SMTP API.


After that you, you will see the API ID. Store that information because it will be added into Interspire settings


Name: SMTP API edit

Type: SMTP

On the above credentials, you have to select “edit”. You will have to set to “No” the option “Automatically convert mobile numbers into international format“ and enable “Enable your app to receive message delivery notifications” .

To know what information you have to put on “Your URL” please open a new support ticket in our support platform.

At that point you have all the necessary information to configure your SMS settings for Interspire Email Marketer.

Go to Interspire configuration settings

With the information provided by Clickatell you can complete:

Clickatel API ID:

Clikatel Username

Clikatell Password

Clikatel SMS source number. The default number is the one used to create the account, but you can use your company name or whatever you want after validation process. You have to request. Define you sender information here:

For example instead of display a international number un your messages. You can use your company name. Ex: Sec. Tecnica



Email marketer ID will be provided by us. To know what information you have to put on “Your URL” please open a new support ticket in our support platform.


Finally you need CallbackURL. To know what information you have to put on “Callback URL” please open a new support ticket in our support platform.

Summarizing what we have seen. Clickatell will provide the user and API credentials and you have to open a support ticket requesting:

URL callback (for clickatell platform)

Email marketer ID (Interspire settings)

CallbackURL (Interspire settings)

If you are confused about the stings you have to use or how to create an account. We can do it for you. Just open a support ticket with the order of you Interspire SMS plugin purchase and will do all the work for you.


The last thing you have to do is purchase credits to use it in your SMS gateway. In order to check prices go to and check your country prices (those prices are for one way messages).

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