How to installa tracking service (callback_processor)

In order to track SMS delivery or link cliks we must use a “callback_processor” . This is a simple script that captures feedback from SMS Gateway and bypass to Intrespire tracking service.

In order to install “callback_processor”, unzip files and upload to a public server. We recommend create a “callback_processor” directory on the server root. In that case URL will be:

Before using callback, you must:

  • Create table
  • Add settings

Use “create_db.sql” to create table. It only have 3 values:

  • Id: number used to identify installation. Use 1 for the first installation
  • URL: That is the full URL of the Interspire installation
  • Enable: number to define application status. Use “1” for activate tracking.

Open config.php file and define database configuration settings, and now application is ready to be used.

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