How to setup account for use on Interspire SMS plugin

In order to use Interspire Email Marketer SMS plugin you need a SMS Gateway. On that article you will see how to setup SMS Gateway.

In this document you will learn:

  • How to create an account at
  • How to insert the SMS Gateway parameters into Interspire SMS plugin
  • How to test the system


How to create an account at

Go to and contact support, at the bottom of the page you will see local dealers. Send a mail and request access to SMS API Gateway and buy some credits for testing.

Our addon only support one way messages for If you need two ways messages you should use Clickatell check that manual in order to see how to properly configure Clickatell service.

You can purchase credits from your own account or you can us or reselling services. We purchase credits form many other customers and you can obtain a better price using our reselling services. Contact us for more information.


How to insert the SMS Gateway parameters into Interspire SMS plugin

In order to use SMS service, you must activate SMS addon, after addon activation you must configure settings.

Configuración Clickatell Gateway

SMSAPIProvider: Use drop down menu to select Lleidanet

Clickatell API: Use the user you have created at platform (remember to add credits to that user).

ClickatellPassword: Password defined on platform.

Clickatell SMS número: Is the ID that will be displayed on messages.  ID should have less than 11 characters.

SMS configuración

Email marketer ID: This is the ID that you define on the callback_processon

SMS Characters: That is the maximum amount of characters per message. Use 160 as a default value.

Prefijo internacional: If you are going to send all your SMS messages on the same country, you can set international prefix  here. Doing that you can store cell phone numbers on Interspire contacts without international prefix.

Other fields can remain empty.

If you want to test service, put a cell phone number with or without internation prefix and press “Enviar un SMS de test”.

You will receive a message like:

Click on message links in order to test link shortener service.

Google URL Shortener

API Key: You can use Google shortener API key or use “tinyurl” as a default value. That will reduce any URL on the SMS message box.

Longitud enlace acortado: Default value is set to 20. Any URL you put on sms message box will be reduced to that size.

Detección de SMS no entregados

Maximo tiempo en minutos: That defines the maximum amount of time platform wait for delivery confirmation message. Default value can go from 200-900 minutes.

Callback URL: In order to track message delivery a click, you must set a call_back URL. Copy “tracking files” on Internet server or in the same machine you have installed IEM, configure tracking setting and use URL. After that you can select “Test callback” in order to see everything is properly configured.

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